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Ecucation - Improve the world in a playful way

Ecucation - Improve the world in a playful way

Handpackaged & 100% Made in Germany.

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The world is changing and climate change is an ever-increasing problem for nature and humanity. Now it is up to the players whether they want to save the world or sacrifice the earth’s future for profit.

The aim of the game is to save the climate as a group. At the same time, the players have to keep an eye on their money reserves and invest them efficiently and strategically.

However, natural disasters such as floods, desertification or forest fires keep putting obstacles in the way.

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The challenge.

The challenge is to earn enough money to avoid going bankrupt, but also not to focus on making too much money, otherwise you will damage the climate and lose out. In addition, you have to focus on innovative ideas, which are a bit more expensive than CO₂ cards, but more climate-friendly. For every 5 monetary points you gain, you will be credited with one climate point at the end. In the end, whoever has collected the most climate points wins.